Libertas Solution

Libertas is a tobacco healing organization established in order to help address the need for advanced integrated healing strategies specifically targeting tobacco addiction.

Our mission is to help those in the life or death struggle against tobacco addiction.

We partner with health service professionals….those people in a smoker’s life who they trust and who want to help them. We give them a system: resources, tools and training that can help them help their clients and patients live tobacco free.

In our opinion, dealing with tobacco addiction is critical to healing other addictions as well.

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Libertas System

Libertas helps arm tobacco users with the understanding necessary to build a realistic response to tobacco addiction, as it exists within them as individuals and within their families and cultures.

Our healing processes, systems and tools, developed over a 25 year period by Professor Murray Kelly, have been perfected through years of practice and research beginning in 1989 in Ottawa, Canada, with the founding of Smokers Treatment Center, an outpatient program with weekend residential detoxification options. This treatment facility evolved into the Tobacco Healing Centre, the first residential treatment centre for tobacco addiction in Canada. Over the years thousands of smokers were given the opportunity to break free from their addiction to tobacco.

The fundamental nature of the condition is explored, from intergenerational transfers, neurobiology and addiction medicine, to the core relationship status tobacco has among many who smoke.

Recovery strategies, specific tobacco transition plans and comprehensive recovery plans are developed with tools and processes designed to be clear, clean, and simple to use and understand.

Our system is designed to help those addicted to tobacco commit to the healing process and provide our partner organizations within the addictions industry to give their clients the best chance freedom from tobacco addiction within an all-addictions context.


Helping people live tobacco free is not easy. That is because tobacco use is one of the most powerful and destructive among all addictions in our society.

We will work with our partners to ensure their successful transition to addressing tobacco addiction as part of their clients’ overall health and wellness.

Whether it is for a primary care worker’s straightforward intervention with online programming, or for completely integrated tobacco addiction mandates for addictions and behavioural health facilities, we offer flexible training programs that meet our partners where they are at.

The Libertas system is the fruit of decades of working with those affected by tobacco addiction. The system has been strengthened through thousands of smokers’ journeys and feedback.

Training tools such as online tutorials, as well as specialized seminars and courses are constantly under development, and will be made available to our partners on an ongoing basis.

Web-Based Training

Libertas training tools, tutorials, webinars and other services are being continually developed with the intent that soon we will be able to offer our partner organizations a full suite of online resources in order to help them with their healing endeavors.

These products and services will greatly reduce training costs and will increase the value that can be offered to those addicted to tobacco.

Libertas Licensing

Libertas Licensing includes access to Libertas Client Services, Support Services and Marketing Services.